Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Rayban Wayfarers Sink

Last Saturday I went on a bouldering at Haycock Mountain, near Nockamixon State Park, in Quakertown, PA. On the hike in, we crossed a creek. While skipping in between rocks I bobbled to keep my balance. The resulting jerk of my body launched my sunglasses off the top of my head into the roaring creek which was swollen from Friday's heavy rains. I made a quick personal inventory and decided to let them take the dive in order to keep myself from falling in, and ruining the iphone that was in my pocket. After helping the rest of our group across without further incident, I searched for them for about 30 minutes. The creek was moving swiftly but was not much more than a foot deep. The bottom was quite rocky. The big question I had was did the sunglasses sink or float? This answer would alter the scope of my search. 

A brief internet search from the phone was futile and I walked on, squinting and pondering the probability of a future successful search.

We returned to the creek about 4 hours later. The flow of the creek was only slightly less and still too turbulent to clearly see the bottom in the area where I dropped the shades. Bummed, I returned home, still squinting.

The rest of the weekend was dry and I had the opportunity to return to the creek Wednesday morning. There had been to significant precipitation since and betting that the heavy plastic frames would sink I returned to the crossing. The creek flow was only about a quarter of what it had been four days earlier. I spotted the shades about 2 feet from their point of entry within about 5 minutes of searching. Question answered. Wayfarers sink.

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