Saturday, September 2, 2017

Talon Stick Clip

After about 9 months of development I put up the Talon Stick Clip for sale on Etsy.

Frustrated with expensive alternatives that need a threaded pole or home made clips using spring loaded clamps which seem to have too much or too little tension I developed the Talon Stick Clip over many iterations making 3D printed prototypes and testing them both in the gym and at Kentucky's Red River Gorge. The unique static camming action of the 4 fingers provide a secure hold and a quick, easy release with a slight twist.

Use 2 wraps of climbing tape to attach to any stick, handle or pole and safely get that first quickdraw up to reduce chance of a ground fall injury on your next sport climb. Works with most quickdraws with medium sized carabiners with wire or solid gates similar to Black Diamond Positron, Hotwire and Hoodwire, Petzl Spirit Express, Madrock Concorde Express and Super Tech Straight Gate, or CAMP Orbit Wire Express.

- Lightweight, 21 grams (0.75 oz),
- durable,
- easy to use,
- no moving parts,
- approx 5" x 2" x 0.8"
- Bumps on handle assure tape won't slip
- cammed claws and flexible support system hold carabiners securely yet allow for easy release

Photo instructions for use at:

Climbing is dangerous. Seek proper instruction from certified guides or instructors.

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