Saturday, March 31, 2018

Adjustable Moon Board Climbing Wall

I built this adjustable climbing wall in 2012. All of the lumber is pressure treated. I uses 6”x6” x 12’ posts which were placed in 3 feet deep holes and back filled with sakcrete concrete. The plywood panels are 3/4” pressure treated which I stained with a solid stain. The hinges are galvanized and are screwed though the plywood and into the fame. The kick board is 16” by 8 feet. The movable wall is 3 - 4’x8’ panels.

I start most designs with a sketchup model:

Here's a link to my model.

Here are the download links for 2017 sketchup make. I think it's better than the new web version.

SketchUp Make 2017: mac OSX    Win64    Win32(2016)

I purchased the stainless steel t-nuts from 3-ball climbing

I purchased a set of the Moon board original school holds. I used the Moonwall pattern for the t-nuts.

The moon holds are pretty small and not good for warming up so I supplemented with holds from atomik.

I purchased the winch from Amazon

Here is a link to the photo album with some construction sequencing.

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